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About the Adirondack Fragrance Farm

Beautiful Memories Evoked Since 1979


Research shows that memories triggered by fragrance are the best cue for bringing you back to a happy time and place. Help Sandy on her journey to evoke beautiful memories of the Adirondacks by supporting the Adirondack Fragrance Farm

Our Purpose

To evoke joy by creating natural and effective fragrance products and experiences using raw materials sourced from our Adirondack farm

Our Mission

Connect people with beautiful memories through place-based fragrance

Our Big Goal

Evoke 1 billion beautiful memories through place-based fragrance

Brand Promise

Core Values

Humble Origins

An Off-Grid Adirondack Farm

I first fell in love with a very old farm in the northern Adirondack Mountains when I was just 22. It was, at one time, the farm that supplied food to a wilderness resort The Sylvan Falls Hotel, and also nearby upriver logging camps…


The Farm was at the end of very long and bumpy five-mile ride on the Sylvan Falls Road which followed the West Branch of the St Regis River upstream from the scenic village of Parishville. Utility and phone lines ended after the first two miles, and by the time I approached the dilapidated porch of what was soon to be my new home, the day’s light had begun to dim. Despite an easy summer wind, that early evening “Adirondack hush” had begun to fall. For a few moments it was so very peaceful, but then came an interruption, a magical chiming sound I will never forget. I looked up to discover the source of the sound and found that someone had humorously hung a set of metal electric beaters from the rafters which were chiming off of each other in the wind. Without electricity, what better purpose could they have had?


For better or worse, that was my first sight, smell, and sound of the farm that would free me, enslave me, exhaust me, energize, and over time, age me . Now I am in my 3rd decade of life at the farm, and the farm I believe, has waited patiently (more patiently than I) all these years to be brought back to life.

Adirondack Fragrance Farm House from built in 1800s

This has been a slower process than I had youthfully imagined it would be. My husband Lou and I have spent the last 3 decades renovating the farm house, building tree houses, raising gardens and children, tending animals and parents, and growing our respective businesses. There was always wood to chop, weeds to pull, and honey to extract, all manner of things to take care of and to do.


Some years were easier than others, but as is often the case, one thing led to another and now I know that the work I have done has well-prepared me for the work I am doing and the work that I plan to do until I can work no more.


The Farm at the end of  Sylvan Falls Road is my passion and my focus now, and I have a clear vision of our collective purpose here. She is a painting in progress, a perfume yet to be mastered. This farm that has gone a bit wild is coming under the spell of a time and a woman who have arrived with plans to tame and shape her into something new and different, something  beautiful, fragrant, and prosperous. Something not quite seen before.

As founder & former owner of Sunfeather Natural Soap Company (established in 1979), I have enjoyed many years of creating fine soaps and body care for national distribution.  In 2012 I started the ADK Fragrance Farm as the culmination of my experience and dreams for a truly nature inspired fragrance brand.

At ADK Fragrance Farm We plant, water, weed and grow the most lovely smelling and tasting plants that endure our short but sublime growing season. We also work with local cedar distillers, chaga mushroom gatherers and other local producers to garner some of our regions most exotic and alluring scents. In the mid- late summer plants are harvested and dried, scents are extracted and stored for inclusion in our beautiful farm based product line in celebration of all things Adirondack!  All these natural gifts are gathered and prepared for inclusion in regionally inspired perfumes and complimentary products that we design and market nationally.


Our mission at ADK Fragrance Farm is to evoke beautiful memories through locale-based fragrances. To accomplish this we deliver the stories and essences of the unique Adirondack Mountain Region of New York State to every home using our unique farm-to-home methodology. We believe that affordable natural fragrance products are the best way create better stewards of the natural world.


Many people have asked to visit the Adirondack Fragrance Farm. In 2019 we opened two vacation rentals on remote parts of our property and the Highlander Cabin in Spring 2022. For more info and reservations visit the ADK cabin website at


We also expanded our private label and custom work capabilities in 2022:
For more information about custom and private work please visit our Product Design Work Page

I hope you will enjoy this natural extension of my work as I create a new life chapter “The Adirondack Fragrance & Flavor Farm” located in the northern corner of the Adirondack Park… a place I have called home for over 30 years!

Adirondack Fragrance Farm Tour

ADK Fragrance Farm. Sandy Maine,Sweetgrass Harvest

Sandy Maine

Welcome to The Adirondack Fragrance and Flavor Farm.
Founder Sunfeather Herbal Soap Company Perfumer & Researcher Fragrance and Flavor Farme

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