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The Top 5 Best Fisherman Gifts From The Adirondacks

Sandy Maine Stocking Fish For Adirondack Fly Fishing and Fisherman Gifts

Fly-fishing Trout In The Adirondacks on St. Regis River

Our private stretch of trout river offers the fly-fisher a variety of water types for wade fishing with nymphs, streamers or dry flies.  Directly in front of the cabin is a long, wide, slow run that is perfect for floating dry flies for rainbow trout or even the occasional native brook trout.  Just upstream, you  will find some classic riffles, before an island that splits the river and holds a very deep, spring pool concentrating trout in the warmer  months. The occasional large, glacier-strewn boulders are also present  if you enjoy classic Adirondack pocket water fishing. The downstream from the spectacular Sylvan Falls


St. Regis Trout in a Frying Pan
St. Regis Trout in a Frying Pan at the Adirondack Fragrance Farm Property


Small cold spring rivulets flow year round into the main flow keeping water temps cool and the trout happy.  The fly hatches are consistent with the  usual mayfly, caddis-fly and stone-fly hatches of the Northern Slope of  the Adirondacks with exceptional hatches of grannom caddis in the  spring, large black stoneflies and white-flies (ephron Leukon) in the  summer and Isonychias in the fall. See below for our Adirondack fisherman gift ideas! 

The Best Fisherman Gift = Fishing In the Adirondacks

Types of Adirondack Fish


Spring in the Adirondacks is the best gift for fishermen because it coincides with the beginning of Trout Season in the Adirondacks. Opening day is April 1, but there’s usually an inch or two of ice still covering most of the Adirondacks’ top fishing spots. Our advice is to begin fishing for trout in late April or early May, giving a chance for the ice to melt. Looking for gift ideas for fishermen? Checkout out our Adirondack Fishermen Hand Soap Bar if you’re looking for gifts for a fisherman.


Learn more at Visit Adirondacks.


Best-reclaimed Trout Waters in the Adirondacks


The walleye, the largest member of the perch family, is one of New York’s most valued sportfish. Some of the most productive walleye fisheries in the state can be found in and around the Adirondacks, including Tupper Lake, Union Falls Flow, Saratoga Lake, Great Sacandaga Lake, and Delta Lake. 

Learn more from Adirondack.Net and Visit Adirondacks.


Small Mouth Bass Fishing

See Adirondack.Net for more information on Small Mouth Bass Fishing in the Adirondacks


Northern Pike

 A mature pike is quickly recognized by its large size. Under favorable conditions, a northern can average 26 to 30 inches in length and weigh 8 to 9 pounds; however, anglers may periodically hook one that approaches 3 feet and weighs close to 20 pounds.


Learn more from Visit Adirondacks , Adirondacks.Net and the Adirondack Almanack


Chain Pickerel

Learn more from Visit Adirondacks


Tiger Muskellunge

Learn more from Visit Adirondacks


Fishing Licenses & Regulations

 Visit the New York State DEC Website


Fishing Licenses

  • No matter what kind of fishing you do, you must have a license if you are 16 or older.
  • You can get a license over the telephone with a credit card by calling 518-457-8862.
  • You will need your driver’s license number as proof of residence. (If you live out of state, the fee is higher.) Non-drivers I.D. numbers are also accepted.
  • NYS fishing licenses may also be purchased at many sporting goods stores and town clerks’ offices.

Fishing Hotlines

The DEC offers hotlines that provide information to fishermen about fishing locations, fishing conditions, and types of fish found in the waters of New York State. These hotlines are updated weekly and are a great way to keep up to date about where to catch the best fish.



Be aware of all fishing regulations before you set off on your next fishing trip. Guides are available both as PDF downloads as well as on the New York State DEC site. Many of the Adirondack lakes, rivers, and ponds have strict regulations regarding live baitfish, invasive species and catch and release policies. Make sure that you know what is permitted in each body of water you plan on fishing. 


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About the Adirondack Fragrance Farm Property


Enjoy our 80 acre parcel in a perfectly private setting. Our property is the perfect place for fly-fishing, paddling or bird watching. There are over three miles of marked private trails for hiking, skiing, or snow-shoeing along the river and with loops into the woods.  Or, just relax and enjoy… sit around the warm firepit near the cabin, surrounded by comfortable Adirondack gliding chairs. During the summers Sandy and Louis spend time taking care of the river including stocking it with healthy trout. 

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