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What Cures Diaper Rash? My Jamie’s Bottom Calendula Soap


Jaime’s Bottom Calendula Flower Soap


Part 1: Small – Batch Calendula Flower Soap Making

Caring Can Become A Soap Maker’s Inspiration

Every now and then there is a special person or a special event in my life (or a special person with a special event their life) that inspires me to create a new formula for a new artisan soap bar, flavor, candle or fragrance that will help mark the occasion and show what the Adirondack region of Northern New York has to offer.

Calendula Flower Bed


Calendula Flower Bed

It could be a friend needing a super mild soap after having radiation treatments, or a rose loving relative for her wedding morning bath. It could be a far-from-home friend or family member longing for Adirondack mountain air tinted with balsam and cedar. I’ve also created new soaps at various times in my life for a friend’s teenager with acne who is in need of a tea tree oil facial soap and another friend with eczema who needs an unscented soap to calm their sensitive skin. There have been fungal infections and sunburns, itchy scalps and even the dreaded baby bottom diaper rash to contend with during my decades long vocation as a mother, friend, employer, soap designer and seller.

Checkout some of the products that I’ve been inspired to make by friends, family and loved ones!

A Bed of Calendula Flowers

Today is a very special day which marks the beginning of an herbal soap I’ve been wanting to make for a long time! Today I plant the resina calendula flowers that will eventually be incorporated into my first grandchild’s soap! Today  I plant the long row of resina calendula (sometimes referred to as pot marigold flowers) plants that my Amish friend Anna started in her green house in late April. These will blossom into beautiful resinous orange and yellow flowers within a couple of months.

marigolds 1

I will tend them with great love and as I do so I will be thinking of how amazing it will be to welcome a grandson at the end of August. His American name has already been chosen and it will be “Jamie” a Scottish version of “James”. It is a name shared by a great grandfather and a great uncle who have long passed. Jamie will be born in the beautiful city of Shanghai China to my younger son Clark who is of Nordic descent and his wife Yen who is of Han Chinese descent.

I imagine that Jamie’s skin will be flawless like his mother’s and not sensitive to the sun like his father’s. His eyes will be green and his hair will be black and he will become very tall someday. But for starters he will be very small with big eyes and a round bottom. I’ve been looking at a lot of babies lately. It is definitely not hard to get into the mood of becoming a grandmother!

The focus of my proactive work will be Jamie’s little round bottom and all the dangers of diaper rash that could befall it!

So today I am planting the resina calendula flowers and this will be the beginning of my efforts to create, “My Jamie’s Bottom Soap”, a calendula soap made with love. Making natural and organic soap products is a labor of love.

A great natural body-care product doesn’t just make you clean it heals your soul. We have integrated this ethos into our brand, the raw materials we source and our small-batch soap production process. As you wash, lather, rub or inhale expertly crafted natural products like the ones we sell at Adirondack Fragrance & Flavor Farm you will feel restored, loved  and at peace.. Closer than before to the Adirondack Mountains and the natural paradise which we often can only glance at from behind a monitor.

Let It Grow!

So today I am planting the resina calendula flowers and this will be the beginning of my efforts to create “My Jamie’s Bottom Soap”!

Calendula Flower Green House


Calendula Flower Green House

It is true that our time in this world is filled with things that we like and things that we do not like. So…. let us do everything we can to make our world a more beautiful, happy, and comfortable place for all the new little people who come to inhabit the earth now and in the future. Let us make it our collective goal to make the good things in life bigger and the not so good things like diaper rash disappear.

Stay tuned for the next steps, including a detailed recipe, as these amazing flowers bloom and grow, just like little Jaime!

    November 4th update!

    The  flower harvest was completed in mid  July and the flowers were left to dry in a warm airy space in the top of my barn. The weather cooperated perfectly! After a week I gathered up the dried flowers. I  put them in a gallon glass jug and covered the flowers with organic olive oil.  I was very proud of my timing! Little Jamie was still not due to be born until late August. There was still plenty of time to infuse the flowers in the olive oil  and plenty of warm sun left to leave my golden gallon under the care there of. 

But then there was a big surprise! Little Jamie was born three weeks early on August 5, 2021.

He had a bit of a struggle at first but now he is a  3 month old with lots of smiles to share with everyone! Fortunately he hasn’t needed his marigold protective balm yet….because I just made it this week and it will be a couple weeks before Jamie’s first package from his Grammy in the Adirondacks arrives at his Shanghai home. Here is my favorite balm recipe:       

  and a few pictures of course!


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