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Community Supported Fragrance (CSF)

Sweetgrass in the Adirondacks

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Community supported fragrance (CSF) is a unique and innovative way to support local farmers while also protecting the environment. In this blog post, we will explore how CSF can help protect the wilderness and our well-being as consumers of natural home and body-care products.

What is CSF?

CSF is a subscription-based model in which consumers directly support local farmers and producers by purchasing a share of their output. This allows farmers to receive a stable income and helps to reduce their reliance on volatile wholesale markets.

In return, consumers receive a regular delivery of natural locally-sourced fragrance products, such as essential oils, wildcrafted tinctures, handcrafted candles, body-care products, diffusers,  soaps and perfumes. This direct relationship between consumers and farmers fosters a sense of community and helps to build a more sustainable eco-system.

Benefits of CSF

There are numerous benefits to participating in a CSF program. For consumers, it means access to high-quality, place-based fragrance products that are often fresher and more authentic than those found in stores or glitzy fragrance brands. It also allows consumers to support their local economy and get to know the farmers who grow and manufacture their products.

For farmers, CSF provides a reliable source of income and allows them to focus on sustainable and environmentally-friendly farming and manufacturing practices. It also reduces their reliance on fossil fuels, as the products are typically delivered directly to consumers or sold at farmers markets, rather than being shipped long distances to other wholesalers or e-commerce giants like

How CSF helps protect the Adirondack wilderness

The Adirondack region is home to a diverse array of plant and animal species, as well as a number of protected wilderness areas. By supporting local farmers and craftspeople through CSF, consumers can help to raise the awareness and value of the Adirondack experience through natural fragrances. It’s been proven by numerous studies that scent is one of the most powerful triggers for positive memories. Through evoking beautiful memories of the Adirondacks, we believe we can help protect this amazing place for generations to come. 

In addition, many farmers in the Adirondack region use organic growing methods, which can help to reduce the use of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers. These chemicals can have negative impacts on the environment and wildlife, so by choosing our products, consumers can help to reduce their prevalence.

Furthermore, by supporting local farmers, consumers can help to reduce the carbon emissions associated with transportation. All products that are grown and sold locally require less energy to transport, which can help to reduce their overall environmental impact.

Case study

One successful example of a CSF program in the Adirondack region is the Adirondack Fragrance Farm. Located in the heart of the Adirondacks, the farm offers the Adirondack Memories CSF Box. This is a monthly subscription where consumers can get a seasonal box of CSF sourced products from Sandy Maine’s Adirondack Farm and Factory. The box is designed and sent monthly for just $29.99 and each box includes at least $60 worth of product! 

By supporting the Adirondack Fragrance Farm through a CSF program, consumers can raise awareness and support for sustainable farming practices and the Adirondack region of New York State.


In conclusion, community supported fragrance (CSF) is a unique and innovative way to support local farmers while also protecting the environment. By participating in a CSF program, consumers can access high-quality, locally-grown products and contribute to the preservation of the Adirondacks. If you are interested in supporting your local community and the environment, consider looking into CSF programs in your area.

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