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How To Make Perfume? Your Own Unique Natural Perfume 101!

How To Make Perfume?

Sandy Maine’s 

Milkweed Flower Perfume

DIY Perfume Materials Needed:

  1. 6- 36 cups of freshly picked common milkweed flowers in full bloom to be picked on a dry day mid morning between 10 and 11 am (or sooner if the flowers are not damp or moist from dew or rain).
  2. A clean glass vessel that can hold approx. 8 cups of liquid and plant matter and has a secure lid.
  3. 4-5 cups of Perfumers Alcohol or Plain Vodka
  4. Other fragrant plant materials if a blended scent is desired. For example, moss, cedar leaf or bark, fragrant sweetgrass, balsam fir  or other pine tree needles, cloves, cinnamon sticks, vanilla beans, honeycomb, fragrant rose petals, kelp, sea weed, chopped ferns, mints and any other fragrant flower, roots, bark or spice.   
  5. Strainer or filter
  6. Stainless, glass or pottery bowl
  7. Glass Sprayer Bottles of any sizes you choose
  8. Optional roll on bottles and several ounces of sweet almond or jojoba oil if you plan to make concentrated roll on perfume.
  9. Waterproof Labels and permanent marker
How To Make Perfume?

Making a tincture of alcohol and fragrant materials takes some time but it’s rather easy and will yield a fragrant alcohol based perfume which can be splashed onto the skin for a mild,  sensual lingering scent. You can also spray the air with this scented tincture to lend a fresh and mildly fragrant ambiance to any room, bed linen, towel or lingerie. Tinctures are an important lesson in how to make perfume.

Not every scented flower will yield its essence to alcohol, but milkweed is unique in doing so. And what a beautiful scent it is!

It’s very easy to be contented with milkweed alone as it has a beautiful floral odor to rival any scented  rose or lilac.  But if you like to be creative and create something totally unique and all yours…. then hear my words!  After you make the milkweed tincture as described below then you can add other scents per my suggestions or try your own experiment to add various scented natural materials to the milkweed base.

How to make basic milkweed flower scented tincture?

Collect anywhere from 6 -36 cups of fresh milkweed flowers. The flowers should be collected on a warm breezy mid-morning. The scent esters in the flowers are best midmorning when the flowers are no longer damp from the morning dew but before the afternoon sun heats the flowers and reduces their available fragrance.

Pack the flowers tightly into a clean jar and pour perfumers alcohol or vodka over the flowers and cover the jar with a tight lid. Let this mixture sit for several days, turning the jar once or twice a day. After three days you can filter the alcohol and remove the flowers letting all the fragrant alcohol drip from the flowers.  Compost the saturated flowers. Then add more freshly picked flowers to the alcohol and repeat this process as many times as you wish until you get the desired level of scent. Even one time will yield a mild fragrance…but if you want more intensity of scent you’ll need to repeat the process between two and four times.

How to make basic milkweed flower scented tincture.

Once you have the alcohol imbued with scent you can use one of my secret tricks to make it even stronger! The secret trick is to pour some of the scented alcohol into a stainless steel or glass or pottery bowl and put it in a safe place for the liquid to evaporate. After a couple of weeks the alcohol will have evaporated away and you will be left with a very concentrated liquid (or if fully evaporated you will have a small amount of sticky highly scented resin) you can store any of this in a small jar and use sparingly to make other tinctures. The scent will last indefinitely! This is considered a “single note” perfume as opposed to a perfume made with a blend of various scents.

thumbnail IMG 6012thumbnail IMG 6013

How To Make Perfume Oil?

How to Make Your Own Unique Natural Perfume 101!

You can mix the concentrated milkweed scent you have made with a mild carrier oil such as jojoba or sweet almond oil and dab it on your skin as a perfume. You can use the resin or the concentrated alcohol. As a general rule you would use approximately 1 part of scent to 4 parts of carrier oil.

The alcohol will eventually evaporate out of the oil and leave the oil scented. This process is not exact. Many people want exact instructions but it’s the kind of process you need to try and then decide as you go… how you want to increase or decrease the scent. It’s a very creative process and there is no right or wrong way to do it.  The important thing is to work small. You will be making very small amounts of perfume so don’t expect to end up with a lot. A little is a lot in the world of natural perfume!

Also as I mentioned above you can add other scented materials to the milkweed tincture and see what  interesting scent you come up with. My suggestions are scented moss, cedar leaf or bark, fragrant sweetgrass, balsam fir  or other pine tree needles, cloves, cinnamon sticks, vanilla beans, honeycomb,  kelp, sea weed, chopped ferns, mints and any other fragrant leaf, root, bark or spice.

When blending scents you generally want to have a high note ( in this case it would be the floral milkweed flower scent) then add a middle note and then a low note of scent to create a balanced blend pleasing to the nose. For our 101 perfume making experience I’m recommending that you just ‘wing it” and see what you come up with.

Eventually you may want to create tinctures of various individual scents and then work to blend them in measured ways so that you can re-create something if it turns out to be very good. But for now just have fun and enjoy the learning journey of making and enjoying the perfume that nature in her wisdom provides.

Thank you for reading this blog post explaining how to make perfume – we hope you enjoyed it and feel free to email
[email protected] if you encounter any difficulties! She is more than happy to teach you how to make perfumes naturally.

Sandy proudly presents handmade ADK Milkweed Perfume and Candle!!

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