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Essential packing list for mountain climbing and outdoor enjoyment in the wilderness!

Essential packing list for mountain climbing and outdoor enjoyment in the wilderness

    The Adirondack Mountain region has many trails that you can hike with family and friends all months of the year. According to research, receiving natural phytoncides from the forest can make your mind and body more relaxed. Spending time in the forest and mountain climbing will make you feel great!! We’ve put together a travel checklist to make it easier for you to get ready to go and enjoy the backcountry.

Packing List for mountain climbing: 0.5 day~1 day journey

Personal Items

⬜ Credit card and/or cash⬜ Cellphone
⬜ ID 

Clothing & Footwear

    It is best to wear well-made outdoor clothing! Your life could depend upon having the proper gear!!

⬜ Moisture-wicking bottom layer⬜ Thermal mid layer
⬜ Mountaineering Pants⬜ Outer wind and waterproof jacket
⬜ Thick/ wool socks⬜ Hiking shoes
⬜ Sun hat⬜ Sunglasses

Rainy day over jacket or raincoat

⬜ Gloves⬜ Warm wool hat
⬜ Light down jacket as an under layer for spring, summer and fall

 Health & Hygiene

  Small bottle of shower gel for washing hair and body.

Bug spray⬜ Sun Cream
⬜ Hand sanitizer⬜ Ample supply of prescription drugs if needed
Muscle Soother⬜ Toilet paper

Hiking Gear

⬜ Backpacks⬜ Trekking poles (Optional)

Food & Water

⬜ Water bottles⬜ Water filter/ purifier
⬜ Trail snacks and energy drink⬜ Ample supply of food
⬜ Cooking equipment⬜ camp stove


    There are many recommended hiking trails on the Internet (Download: Adirondack Great Walks & Day Hikes Guide) to your phone for backup. There will also be many signs on the mountain, but we recommend that you still bring a traditional map and compass in case there is no cellular service.

⬜ Map⬜ Compass

Emergency & First Aid

⬜ First aid kit⬜ Whistle

Extra luggage needed for overnight stay

Camping Gear

⬜ Tent/ sleeping bag/ form padBug Repellent Candle

More information

Stay in Adirondack Cabins: Nature Retreat Cabins

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