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It’s that PLANTING time of year again!

It's that planting time of year again!

It’s that planting time of year again! 

Spring for gardeners in the Adirondack Mountains is an elusive season! It starts in March with the maple sap flow and ends in late May when the summer planting season officially arrives. Adirondack spring weather is a lot like a moody teenager…one day it’s actually spring… the next day it’s late winter and a few days after that there will be a splash of summer weather randomly tossed in just to craze the gardener mom! Over time I have learned to ignore the sputtering’s of teenagers and Adirondack springs! In my younger years I would attempt to plant an early corn crop or a half row of cherry tomatoes way before my regions “last frost date” of May 31 but over the years I learned that I was just wasting my time and optimism on early planting in my ZONE 4 climate. There was always a sneaky frost that would kill my hopes and dreams for the earliest corn and tomatoes. Now that I am wisened by many planting seasons and more careful of how I spend my time, I use spring to ready my planting areas. I add last seasons composted goat and chicken manure and I till or cover my ground with green manures, flipping soil, or using ground cloth to discourage weeds. It’s not until May 31 “Memorial Day Weekend” that bedding plants started in the safe womb of the greenhouse will be lovingly given a spot in the ground.


    This year I have decided that my small salad and herb garden and my sweetgrass patch and all the flower beds around my house will remain pretty much as they have been. But my big 50 x 150 ft ‘vegetable’ garden is going to be exclusively growing FLOWERS this year! The vegetable gardener in me has become a restless and lazy soul. All the easy access, affordable and friendly Amish vegetable stands nearby have made me so!

It's that planting time of year again!


    I am not exactly sure where the flower journey will take me, but I am ready to learn and grow with the flowers I will soon be planting. My flower ‘business plan’ is rather nebulous at the moment. My floral mission statement is to grow, give and sell lots of flowers this year. I want to have friends over to make bouquets to sell and give. I want to learn more about the art of flower arranging and different cultural practices surrounding flowers.  I want the flowers I am caretaking to make people happier and to raise money for those in need.

    The past few years have been pretty hard on everyone and adding an extra measure of joyful shapes, scents and colors embodied in lovely fresh flowers will surely make a difference! 

     Some of my flowers and herbs will be used in a new calendula skin balm and some will be used in a minty foot cream and scrub. You’ll be hearing more about those soon!


    Today I am drawing a planning map of where different varieties will be planted and tomorrow morning bright and early I will be picking  flowers up from my Amish friend Annas  greenhouse. She will drive her horse and buggy to my house with two of her seven children and by 2 pm all will be planted! I will post pictures as my garden grows and the “flower power” happens.

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