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Small Batch Artisan Candles, Soaps & Fragrance Products Crafted With Natural Ingredients

Our natural soap, candle and fragrance formulas designed by renowned fragrance expert Sandy Maine have kept people coming back for over 40 years and are sure to build lifelong customers for you.

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Choosing a contract candle, soap or fragrance manufacturer to work with is a big step for your business. Whether you’re a home-based business working out of your garage, or you’re the Purchasing Manager for 100 stores, the quality of the relationship you have with your fragrance manufacturer is as important as the product itself.



We Have Been Doing This For Over 40 Years!

When we made our first batch of soap back in 1979, we were looking to create a meaningful livelihood that helped support the higher purpose of all the lives that were affected by our business. Under the creative direction of Sandy Maine, Founder/CEO of renowned custom soap company Sunfeather Natural Soap Co., our current facility produces our regional brands (Adirondack Fragrance & Flavor Farm and Healing Woods Skin Care with CBD) and serves over 40 custom and private label accounts. Checkout some information about our Upstate, New York Fragrance Factory

Natural Products Designed by Fragrance Expert Sandy Maine

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Private Label Candles
Adirondack Fragrance Farm - Sandy Maine Walks in the Adirondack Forrest


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Our formula’s are inspired by Adirondack nature and our farm-to-factory fragrance products have kept people coming back for over 40 years.

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