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Artisan Perfume - Milkweed Flower - 4/case

Adirondack Artisan Milkweed Blossom perfume is artfully blended from essences gathered from local forests, rivers and fields of the Adirondack Fragrance & Flavor Farm.  and processed by traditional as well as modern methods.

These gifts of the great north woods are then aged, and beautifully packaged for all to enjoy!

Artisan  Perfume – 1 oz  Unit Price: $25.00   4/Case Pack: $100.00

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Artisan Perfume - Milkweed Flower - 4/case


Milkweed Flower Natural Perfume Ingredients: Spring water, organic alcohol, essential oil & natural parfume, Asclepias syriaca (milkweed flower) & Ribes nigrum (black currant leaf) tincture from the ADK Fragrance & Flavor Farm.

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Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 3 × 1 × 4 in


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