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Father's Day Gift Set

Father’s Day Gift Set including a Mens cologne (3.3oz), Balsam Soap and a natural wash cloth. These handmade products are placed in a stylish ADK Gift Box.


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Father’s Day Gift Set

The Gift Set includes Adirondack Men’s Cologne, ADK Balsam Fir Soap Bar, and Organic 100% Silk Facial Towel.

Adirondack Men’s Cologne

is composed of organic grape alcohol, Adirondack spring water, essential oils of cedar & balsam, extracts of sweetgrass, hops and Adirondack musk.

ADK Balsam FIr Soap Bar

Handmade in the Adirondacks with saponified oils of olive, sunflower & coconut. Scented and textured with balsam and cedar essential oils, balsam fir needles, chromium oxide.

Organic 100% Silk Facial Towel

Organic face towel is made with 100% silk, the luxurious material can avoid damage to the skin surface. Enjoy the natural beauty and durability of our loom knitted wash cloth. One side is soft and the other is mildly exfoliating. Made with certified organic naturally pigmented Peruvian cotton. Excellent Assistant for Face Cleaning! 


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Weight 16 oz



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