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What A Soy Wax Aromatic Candle Can Do For Your Desk

Lighting a handmade adirondack for desk Aromatherapy

A Candle For The Cool Aunt 

First, let’s start with a story about a cool aunt who LOVES candles and organizing her desk. Auntie Clara Maine (who only recently became an aunt upon the birth of wee Jamie) has been writing her thesis these past few months at Radboud University in the Netherlands. With COVID lockdowns, political turmoil and everything else going on she was having trouble focusing. I had just the idea and I went into my fragrance laboratory to conjure up a candle for the cool aunt. 

How 3 Soy Wax Desk Candles Designed for Mental Focus Can Improve Your Workspace or Home Office

We all know how our environment’s scent can affect our productivity, concentration and efficiency. Thus understanding how aromatic candles can be used to improve your workspace environment is a great advantage! We’ve designed a soy-wax focus candle line which can help your mental clarity while sitting down at desk. 

Our workspace or work desk is the place that we spend most of the time (just imagine 8 hours a day) each day. Thus having an inspiring workplace is essential for our day to day productivity.


But when there is a desk, a job, classes or maybe even a business to run. There is always the temptation to wish for something other than the tasks at hand at “the desk”. 


In fact, today I mentioned to my IT helper (who, by the way, lives in Hawai’i)  the shocking revelation that I would rather go for a walk by the river in the constant cold rain in 5 inches of slush, than sit at my desk and work on my computer. She was appalled at the thought of that….full of sympathy if not pity for the Adirondack early December weather that I must contend with.


I just texted my neighbor… “Want to go for a walk along the river in the cold rain before dark? Bring crampons!  It’s icy and slushy!” As an added enticement I told her that yesterday two trout jumped high when I walked by… obviously their way of saying ‘hello’ to me. Pretty special huh?! I thought for sure that would get her to say yes to a walk. After all, this woman used to live in Alaska off grid in a wilderness cabin. I thought if anyone would succumb to the charms of a walk in the rain PLUS friendly, sleek and even sexy jumping trout it would be her!

So far she has not responded. 


True it is a perfect day for an afternoon nap…so I’ll just keep writing until she gets back to me. Truth be told I may have to go it alone.

Desk candle
A candle or two on your desk can enhance your work day! 


My Innovative style of using Aromatic Focus Candle

Anyway back to the problem that many of us have at settling down to get some work done. For almost every problem there is a solution and the best solutions are win wins. So here is my win-win solution. 

You buy some candles from me and I will share some of my candle wisdom with you. As you know I make and sell lots of candles. Since I have many candles easily at my beck and call I have tried using them for many different purposes. 

These purposes include putting them in a decorative tin can in the outhouse…or by my vintage clawfoot bathtub for a relaxing bathing experience. I usually put lit candles around the house when visitors come for dinner

But….. there’s another helpful use for a candle that you may not have considered…. placing a lit candle or two on your desk!  This is something you can do to warm your workspace, focus your attention and do your best work that you can be proud of. A desk candle can do all of that and more. You just need to buy and try.


Top 3 Amazing Candles for Your Office

Lilac Flower Hand-Poured Candle

These newly introduced Candles are made with the sweet and mild scent of Lilac flower. Use them at  your workplace or  even on  your service desk for your customers to enjoy!  The  mild essence of spring will brighten the mood even on a cold winter day. This is an Amazing candle and truly a candle for the cool aunt Clara!

Lavender – Balsam Hand-Poured Candle

The Lavender- Balsam essence candle is  one of our most popular products! Handmade with the natural and amazing aroma of lavender and balsam fir which  will help you improve your concentration and productivity of work.

Mountain Air Hand-Poured Candle 

The COVID 19 pandemic has increased the trend of the “work  from home”  concept.  This  has further allowed people to  work from their favourite home space. Many people are posting their work desks from serene  mountain images so  what’s better than completing the picture with  the essence and fresh scent of the beautiful mountains by using an ADK Mountain Air scented candle

ADK Mountain Air Scented candles allow you to fill your work space environment with the fresh essence of mountains, rivers and fragrant pine trees.

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  1. I just burned the Shinrin Yoku candle at a meeting this past Sunday. The meeting went longer than expected and all were very happy. Maybe it was the candle? ????
    I have oils to diffuse, but the warmth of a flame cannot be replaced.
    So glad that I discovered you and your products!!!! ????

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