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Drift into a delicate dreamscape with the Milkweed Artisan Perfume Spray, celebrating the gentle, nurturing essence of milkweed, a haven for monarchs and a testament to the beauty of care and growth. 

  • Hand-Crafted botanical tinctures with 100% essential oils.
  • Bottled, capped, and labeled by hand.
  • Vegan & Cruelty Free

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  • DD

    Da******* De*****

    I was so impressed with this fragrance from the discovery kit that I had to get the full size! It is bright and a bit lemongrass y. It reminds me of the signature “Sweetgrass” fragrance exclusive to the Hard Rock Hotel. I’ve been looking for a similar fragrance for over a decade and found it in Milkweed by surprise! I also received milkweed seeds with my purchase and the seedlings are almost ready to be transplanted outside. 🙂

    5 月 27, 2024
    Verified Review

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  • JS

    Ju**** Sp******

    Heavenly fragrance!!! Butterflies will love you!!!

    4 月 24, 2024
    Verified Review

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  • I


    This is one of my favorite scents it’s so unique, natural, sweet and musky

    3 月 1, 2024

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  • AL

    Al****** Lo******

    This scent is nothing short of captivating!

    12 月 4, 2023
    Verified Review

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Detailed Description

Milkweed Flower Artisan Perfume Spray

Healing Botanicals From the Adirondack Mountains

Inhale tranquility, exhale the rush. All Natural Ingredients.

Find your peace in our nature-inspired essence.

ADK’s Artisan Processperfume pages 2perfume pages 6

1. Tincture Creation: We begin with a dedication to purity, immersing handpicked botanicals from our farm into alcohol, transforming them over days into a richly-scented botanical tincture.

2. Refinement: The aromatic essence is then expertly filtered, forming the soul of our floral perfume as it’s blended with exclusive botanical extracts – our secret to the complex aroma profiles that you love.

3. Scent Symphony: Crafting the perfect notes, we harmonize natural scented materials, carefully composing high, middle, and low notes for a fragrance that resonates with balance and beauty.


Like the nurturing haven that milkweed provides for butterflies, this floral scent encapsulates the beauty of growth and the tenderness of the nurturing Adirondack landscape. 

yen profile smelling perfume landscape

Artisan Note

Carefully distilled on our farm, this fragrance is the culmination of a meticulous process that honors traditional methods and the genuine purity of nature. Each spritz is imbued with the soul-soothing properties of lilac, known for its natural aromatherapeutic benefits. Embrace the luxury of tranquility and the rare opportunity to carry the essence of the Adirondack’s floral majesty with you, wherever you go. 


Vegan and Cruelty Free.  Every perfume is expertly hand-made from tinctured botanicals grown or wildcrafted from the Adirondack Fragrance Farm. Our production factory bottles, caps, and labels are also made by hand.

How to use

Spritz on wrists, neck, pressure points, back of legs behind knees. Your body’s chemistry is unique and the flower perfume will become unique to you. For other applications lightly mist your hair or spritz onto scarves and accessories.

Visit our blog for tales and insights from the mountains. How to make perfume 101!

More About ADK Fragrance Farm

The Adirondack Fragrance Farm production factory and Outlet Gift Shop is located at 1551 NY-72 Potsdam NY 13676, outside of Parishville NY.
Our Adirondack Fragrance Farm is located in Sylvan Falls on the edge of the Adirondack Park in NY State.
We use natural botanicals from our 160 Acre farm to ease your skin and please your mind.

The ADK Fragrance Farm Outlet Gift Shop hours are Monday to Friday 8am-4pm, Saturdays 10am-4pm, Closed Sundays.

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Elevate your store’s collection with the essence of the Adirondack wilderness.

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How to grow your own Milkweed plant from seed 

If you love the rich, earthy scent of our Milkweed Scent perfume, try your hand at growing the plant from which it is distilled! The Asclepias Syriaca or Common Milkweed variety has a wide range of uses and is an important medicinal herb for both humans and wildlife.

This native perennial flower is hardy in zones 3-9. It grows up to 5 feet tall with 2-3 inch leaves and pink-purple flowers that bloom through July and August. Though it may be called Common Milkweed, this plant is anything but common! It’s one of the most fascinating botanicals you can grow. Monarch butterflies use the plant as both a food source and host plant.

It can be planted directly in soil, or started indoors.

Here’s a blog post about how to grow milkweed in 3 easy steps

Is Milkweed Poisonous? 

The short answer is yes but you can harvest it in such a way to enjoy its benefits. Read more on our blog:  Is Milkweed Poisonous

Need Free Seeds? 

If you are interested in receiving milkweed seeds please add a note to your order of any milkweed product and we’ll send them along with you order if we have them on hand. Availability may vary. (You will receive one gram of Free Seeds or less. Well over one hundred seeds is typical.)

Will Free Milkweed Seeds Save The Monarchs?
Yes! Milkweed definitely positively contributes to monarch butterflies. Please note: Free Seeds are intended to be grown in your garden. Do not use Free Milkweed Seeds to re-wild public land. Locally native species can be found on the Milkweed Map.


Milkweed Tincture, Lavandin EO, Litsea Cubea, Vanilla Oleoresin EO, Bois De Rose, Ylang Ylang 3rd. Please be aware that ingredient lists may change or vary from time to time. Please refer to the ingredient list on the product package you receive for the most up to date list of ingredients.

Fragrance Notes

Top Notes

Milkweed Flower, Clove

Dry Notes

Black Current Leaf

Heart Notes

Black Current Fruit, Vanilla Grass

When will I receive my order?
All of our products are “Made to Order” and depending on the availability of botanicals and essential oils it may take up to 3 weeks for you to receive your handcrafted products.

Products which are produced and ready by 10am EST will ship same day or in some cases the next day depending on our workload. For domestic shipments (USA), please allow 3-8 business days after shipment for your package to arrive.

Do you have free shipping?

Yes! All orders over $79 after coupons are applied will receive free shipping on us! 

International Shipping

All products use weight-based shipping using a formula based on our costs.

Domestic USA orders: $6.4614 + $0.2 per 1 oz over 4 oz (min: $0, max: $28.75) 
Canada: $25 + $2 per 1 oz over 15 oz (max: $85) => [$25 – $85]. Please note that the customer may be responsible for additional custody fees charged by the carrier which can exceed $50 in some scenarios. If you would like to check the custody fee ahead of time, please call our office.

If you require shipping to another country or territory, please call us at +1 (315)265-1776 to place your order by phone

How do I track my order?
We will send you a confirmation and tracking number as soon as your order has shipped! You can also call us at (315)265-1776 with any questions about your order.

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