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An Adirondack Black Fly Story

Sandy was a hot and smelly wilderness guide. She was using “Old Woodsman” and longing for a natural bug repellant that would compliment her feminine wiles. That’s how the wonderful smelling and very effective Adirondack camping spray was born… just like that…. on that one day while Sandy was resting and day dreaming on the side of the trail with her head on her backpack and her hands swatting away black flies and mosquitoes. There had to be a better way…and she found it and is now gladly sharing it with you one bottle at a time. Now that time-honored Adirondack Bug Spray formula is available in a 13 oz camping bug repellant candle! Perfect for protecting your home or porch from giant man eating Adirondack Bugs!

This product uses an effective essential oil blend made to repel black flies and mosquitoes. If it works on Adirondack mosquito it’ll work on any mosquito!