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Easy to raise funds

ADK Fragrance Farm is a well-known local company that has over 100 products that your supporters will want!
Choose from Handmade Soy Candles, Olive Oil Soaps, Body Care Products, Colognes and Perfumes.

Easy for your members

We will supply you with forms, information, suggestions to get your sale off to a great start.
Help is only a phone call away too!  Just call us Monday – Saturday 10AM to 4PM.

Easy for your Supporters

Your Supporters may order from your volunteers or shop online.

We have over 100 products that your supporters will love! 
Choose from Handmade Candles, Olive Oil Soaps, Body Care Products, Cologne and Perfume.
ADK Fragrance Farm’s artisan products relate to the history, flora, fauna, and landscapes of Northern NY and the Adirondack Region.  All Adirondack Fragrance and Flavor Farm products are made at our factory in New York State.
See all of our retail products here or download (see home page)

There are no hidden costs or fees.
We will supply all the marketing materials you need including forms, handouts and information sheets.

Get Started!

Contact ADK Fragrance Farm at 315-265-1551  Monday-Saturday 10AM to 4PM
We will get you off to a good start with information, forms and handouts.
Additional sales materials are available by calling 315-265-1776
or they are available here for download.

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