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Handmade Adirondack Soap Bars

Adirondack Inspired Handmade All-Natural Soaps

Kettle mixed, poured, cured and cut by hand our small-batch soap making process uses sustainably sourced ingredients including aromatherapy essential oils. It's a recipe for making hand-crafted soap bars which feel great and smell even better!

Interested in learning more about homemade soap checkout this article about making Hand Made Chaga Soap Bars

Looking for a Soapery Near Me – Learn about Factory Tours

Our founder Sandy Maine has also has written several books about Adirondack Soap making.

 Cedar Wood Soap | Bar Soap | Soap Bar | Big Soap Brick | Balsam Fir | Birch Oil | Cranberry | Marigold Calendula | Orange Chai | Chaga Musroom | Patchouli | Oatmeal

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