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Sandy Maine Sweetgrass Harvest

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Perfect for the unabashed explorer!  Discover all five of our artisan scents in .07 oz mini spray bottles. These fragrant gifts of the Great North Woods are artfully conceived, blended, properly steeped and beautifully packaged for all to enjoy.

  • Hand made from tinctured botanicals grown or wildcrafted on the Adirondack Fragrance Farm.
  • Tinctures made with organic grape perfumers alcohol.
  • No preservatives are needed and our bottled scents will last forever
  • Vegan and Cruelty Free
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Detailed Description

Adirondack Perfume Discovery Set

Perfect for the unabashed explorer!  Discover all five of our artisan scents in .07 oz mini spray bottles. These fragrant gifts of the Great North Woods are artfully conceived, blended, properly steeped and beautifully packaged for all to enjoy.

Each vial contains .07 oz of scent captured and waiting for release onto your body or clothing and into your self-curated world of explorations and discoveries. Let the essences from the Adirondack Healing Woods join you on your life journeys. We promise that our forever wildcrafted scents will take you to the highest peaks and home again.

Inspiration: Sandy the owner of Adirondack Fragrance Farm wanted to share her love of the scents she has discovered in her forest, flower and herb gardens and the fragrant fresh air that travels the corridor of the ‘wild and scenic’ west branch of the St. Regis River.


How to use Adirondack Perfumes

Spritz on wrists, neck, pressure points, back of legs behind knees. The chemistry of your body is unique and the perfumes will become unique to you. For other applications lightly mist your hair or spritz onto scarves and accessories


Adirondack Perfumes Notes profiles

Balsam & Cedar: woodsy, green, sweet

Top:  Bergamot

Mid: Cedar Leaf

Low: Balsam Fir, Cedarwood.

INSPIRATION: Strolls in the woods with my grandson as I reach up to pick balsam fir needles and cedar leaf and crush them individually and then mix them so my 2 year old Jamie-boy can learn all the simplest tree scents in the woods and also how they smell when you mix them

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Balsam and Lavender:  herbal, floral, woodsy, camphorated, citrus

Top: Lavender flower, Tangerine

Mid: Vanilla, Mint

Low: Camphor, Eucalyptus, Balsam Fir

INSPIRATION: One day while laying on a warm rock in the middle of the river I had a dreamy question arise!  What would happen if I mixed my two favorite scents Balsam Fir from the forest and Lavender from the garden? Then there were many tries to find the correct balance and enhance with a few other notes like mint tangerine, eucalyptus, and vanilla! So something very simple became a bit more embellished just like a good story that starts out to be true and then takes some fantastical twists and turns. The Balsam Lavender scent is much like one of those stories except you can wear it and let it remind you that life can become very  beautiful because of its intricacies.   


Milkweed: floral, green, fruity, spicy 

Top: Milkweed Flower, Clove

Mid: Black Current Fruit, Vanilla Grass

Low: Black Current Leaf

INSPIRATION: Every year our pasture erupts into several acres of wild milkweed blossoms. When it is sunny and there is a light late morning  breeze you can catch a waft of the milkweed flowers on the wind. One day I decided that it might be possible to capture the essence in a bottle and so I taught myself how to make it so. I hope you can close your eyes and imagine my field on the edge of the wilderness in bloom with many monarch butterflies taking nourishment from the blooms. 

Wild Rose: floral, fruity, spicy  

Top: Wild Rose, Rose Geranium, Bois de Rose

Mid: Clove, Cinnamon, Allspice

Low:  Grass

INSPIRATION: When I was 23 and moved to the old Adirondack farm at the edge of the wilderness and the end of the road I had a favorite place to sit on the ground with a large  rock for a back rest. In mid to late  June hundreds of wild roses would bloom all around me making my peaceful place very fragrant indeed.When I married in early July of 1982 I picked a 5 gallon pail of the fresh roses and made rose water and rose attar to bathe in.  The Wild Rose perfume is my memory of that place…which still exists and which I still go to sit! It still blooms every June and more so every year!

Sweetgrass: green, grassy, gourmond

Top: sweetgrass,

Mid: nutmeg,  ylang ylang

Low: vanilla bean, tonka bean, hay


After many years of loving the fragrant Mohawk traditional sweetgrass baskets made not far from my home, and then many years of  growing sweetgrass…. I finally asked myself “ how could I make this into a body perfume?”  I I  explored my creative ideas  and solutions and finally discovered  ways to unlock the scents of the raw sweetgrass. I now gratefully  grow over 100 feet of sweetgrass in two rows in my perennial production garden….just for you and I. 

63 reviews for Artisan Perfume Spray Discovery Set 0.07 oz x 5


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  • Ke**** B.*

    I love these scents!! And the packaging is beautiful. The sprayers on the bottles leak a bit, but since these are just samplers, I don’t really mind. I will definitely be ordering the full size of these once these are gone!

    September 9, 2023
    Verified Review

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  • An********

    I found two fragrances that I really love… and I like the all-natural part of it. The Discovery Set is a great way to test out the fragrance without having to commit to each one in large quantities.

    September 6, 2023
    Verified Review

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  • An********

    Very different, fresh and I really like them.

    September 6, 2023
    Verified Review

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  • Ca******** V.*

    Love all the perfumes! I buy / use a lot of homemade soups and the soap sample included was the best smelling pine/balsam soap that I’ve ever tried thus far! I shall definitely be back for more!

    September 2, 2023
    Verified Review

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