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You’re Invited! (To be a beloved guest at your next New Years Party!)

You’re Invited! (To be a beloved guest at your next New Years Party!)

Adirondack New Years Gift

Adirondack New Year Party Pack Gift Invitation

Being invited to a New Years party seems more exciting than ever, since last year’s COVID parties were very strange indeed. Few people, no singing, no kissing under the mistletoe! Not much cheer other than the bottom of the mug of yet another double spiked eggnog we hoped would erase the anxiety of our new undesirable reality. 

But now we have THIS year! There is hope that party season will be a bit different with vaccinated people in attendance and  less COVID angst!  Though spikes are happening  and we cannot totally let our safety guards down we can at least strive to be our best party selves.

First of all to be polite you should try to be helpful to your poor host who will probably be wishing at the last minute that they hadn’t decided to have a party. How could they have known that there would be a new variant of COVID popping up everywhere just a couple weeks before the New Year? 

Statistically speaking there’s a good chance that the only way to have all vaccinated people at your party is to make them prove it at the door. That’s worth at least two shots of strong whiskey on top of the two shots for even having the party. 

You may want to help your host self medicate in whatever manner is appropriate for them. Obviously if they just recently returned from rehab you would not be a good friend if you offered them your flask.  

Once you get past whatever you need to do to support the party host via blood stream or talk therapy….offering a host or hostess gift will be a nice gesture to try to normalize that which will likely not be anywhere near normal. 

Best New Year Party Gift

We happen to have several lovely hostess gifts which include our amazing handcrafted bars of perfect soap. These of course are a very thoughtful, life affirming gift during a pandemic. You WILL be LOVED! Also if you suspect some of your fellow party goers will drink too much and possibly create a foul party odour by  engaging in barfing behaviour, we have a gift set thoughtfully designed to include our Mountain Air Room Spray…which could very well save chain reactions from occurring.

Here we are to make your daunting task easy. At Adirondack we have created a Party pack of most popular and bestseller items of Adirondack farm & fragrance ready for you to gift it as a New year Party pack and hostess gift.

Balsam Hostess Gift

Balsam Host/Hostess Gift

Balsam Host and Hostess gift pack includes:

  • 5 oz Balsam-Cedar Hand-Poured Candle 
  • 4 oz Mountain Air Room Spray – Balsam – Cedar room spray is made with Grape Spirits, Balsam and Cedar Essential Oils, and Aromatic Tinctures from The Adirondack Fragrance & Flavor Farm.
  • 4 oz Bar Soap – Handmade in the Adirondacks with saponified oils of olive, sunflower & coconut. Scented and textured with balsam and cedar essential oils, balsam fir needles, chromium oxide. Embossed & cello wrapped with a label.



24 Bars of Handmade Soap - GiftAlso if you are tired of bringing nachos that people sneeze on or touch with ungloved unwashed hands, we also have a  “whole party  gift with 24 individual bars of soap you can put out on the potluck table for each guest to enjoy. 

The soap bars do look like cheese so we do not recommend putting them on a cutting board or near any crackers or the fondue pot.

Also we will not include any chocolate scented soaps in the party pack but for your information we do have chocolate candles for sale…and these would make an equally wonderful host or hostess gift due to the effect of the well known “endorphin release” people get when they taste or smell chocolate. 





And hopefully it goes without saying that it is much more unlikely that someone would try to eat a candle than a bar of soap.

Friends! Good luck with your New Years 2021 parties. Please let me know how it goes.

TTL Sandy


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